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As a therapist I consider your growth my highest priority. My passion for helping others is birthed from my own personal transformation and healing. I have made a commitment to actively engage in my own growth so I may continue to thrive as a healthy person building a healthy practice. I am fortunate to have people entrust me with the most vulnerable details of their lives and help them heal and create the relationships they desire to have with themselves and others.
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Struggling in your relationships?

I can help you…

  • Gain the ability to create and maintain longstanding loving relationships
  • Stop self destructive patterns of behavior
  • Get relief from painful emotional experiences
  • Feel deeply understood
  • Identify and access your talents and strengths
  • Develop intimacy and trust in your relationship
  • Improve your communications skills
  • Learn how to be a better parent
  • Become more productive at work
  • Get more satisfaction from life
  • Understand your feelings and behaviors that don’t make sense
  • Prevent the past from interfering with the present
  • Talk things over in a confidential setting

Articles by Crystal

Author Archive

• Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

“Crystal Mattox is an exceptionally caring person and therapist.  She helped my wife and I take a completely broken marriage relationship through the difficult process of insight and discovery.  Her kind spirit and perceptive encouragement created for us a safe place where we could ponder our decisions and perceptions.  Her insight into deeply rooted emotional issues gave us the means to begin creating a new healthy relationship. We literally went from being divorced to remarrying.”
~D. P.

• Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

“I was skeptical about therapy. I felt trapped and out of control—anger & pornography were threatening my career and marriage of 20 years.  I had used all the other tools I knew and while they provided a certain measure of relief, nothing was truly working.  When I shared my crisis with a few trusted friends, they recommended that I see a professional counselor, and a pastor friend in particular quickly recommended Crystal to me as one who had been instrumental in bringing about a dramatic change for a man in his congregation with similar problems.” -M. K.

• Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

“After 35 years of drug abuse, I have been sober for 2 years! I consider Crystal an important part of my healing.  Her unique style helped me get to deep issues by providing a safe atmosphere filled with encouragement and acceptance. Unlike other therapists I’ve seen in the past. Crystal digs much deeper so I can really understand myself. She is definitely a gifted therapist.”
–D. R.

• Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

“When we came to Crystal our relationship seemed beyond repair. Crystal was able to uncover deep levels of emotional pain that we were unaware of. She guided us in shedding our past and helped us rebuild our marriage using love, trust, and sincere communication.  Crystal and her gifts will always be a part of who we are now.”
–R.B. & T.B.