• Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

“Is it normal for me to not have words to describe what I experience?”
You are in a process of self-understanding throughout your life. The more connections you make and articulate, the more you grow. There is a level of being able to describe your experience that helps you be understood and connect to others. The less you know about yourself the less connected you feel.

“Do you diagnose?”
Often in our culture people can feel shamed or limited due to being diagnosed. In an effort to protect you from these feelings I diagnose only when necessary. I do find benefit in the positive aspects of diagnosing and yet my role is to interact with you as a whole person within the world of your relationships and personal meanings. We will find the balance between these two worlds together.

“Do you prescribe medication?”
Since Marriage & Family Therapists do not prescribe medication I will refer you out to a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. To reduce confusion I will speak to them and express what I have learned about you and leave the medication portion to him or her. I have worked closely with a few nurses who I trust and work with.

When will I not be sad or feel anxious anymore?”
The goal of therapy is not to rid you of uncomfortable feelings. One of the goals of therapy is to help you use your feelings to inform you rather than ignoring them and then being surprised and overwhelmed by them when you do feel them. As you make sense of your emotional experiences you will feel more empowered and less reactive. Because of this, you will inevitably feel less confused, anxious, and embarrassed.

“How long will therapy take?”
Some people who come to see me just need a little clarity or feedback on a life decision. I often find that many people who are overcoming a lifetime of engrained emotional responses, harmful behaviors, and strongly held beliefs need more time to sort through all that is happening or has happened. So, therapy can last from a few months to years depending on what your needs are.

“Is it okay to see you for individual therapy and couple therapy?”
At times I ask to see couples individually to work through things that might be slowing down the couple therapy process. However, it is best that you see me for individual therapy when you begin therapy as a couple. This helps to protect you and me from any conflicts that might be created by feelings of bias toward one person.

“Do you see friends or family of your clients?”
Clients often refer friends and family members to me. I feel honored to be entrusted as a professional therapist to help people you love. We will discuss this and any potential complication that may arise if this should happen.

“How many years have you been counseling?”
Before attaining my Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy; I spent a decade working closely with families doing elder and Hospice care. I also led several growth groups and worked with the Pregnancy Resource Center counseling women on pregnancy issues. My first year of counseling was spent working with individuals, couples and families dealing with the painful affects of trauma and addiction. This combined with 7 years of private practice work brings me close to 17 years of experience working with families under stress and dealing with loss.

“Are payments due at the time of the session?”
Yes, please make your check out before the start of each session and give it to me at the beginning of the session. You may also use cash if you prefer. There is a $5.00 charge for payments not made on time.

“Do you do weekend appointments?”
I generally do not do weekend appointments. I have at times made exceptions when clients have no other options. In these cases, I only do morning appointments on Saturdays.

“Do you take credit cards?”
You have the option of paying with a debit card or credit card through the Square service provided at the time of your session. you should know that there is a fee associated with payment by debit or credit card. To avoid this fee you will want to pay by cash or check.

“Do you take insurance?”
If you have a PPO or the ability to choose to work with someone out of network; I will be covered by your insurance. I generally find that most coverage is about 60%. Otherwise, I try to make my fees affordable by offering a sliding scale for those who cannot afford my full fee. This is offered on a limited basis based upon how many people are already benefiting from the reduced fee plan.

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