• Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Many of the people who come to see me have difficulty with the notion of caring for themselves. Often times they tell me that they either don’t know where to begin or what this even means and or they tell me they feel guilty or selfish at the thought of considering themselves. In actuality in order to sustain a relatively healthy and balanced life taking care of yourself is necessary. In order to help you create and sustain this kind of life I have composed a list of ways you may care for yourself. Some of these items are about taking care of your emotional and psychological life and some are about taking care of your body or your spiritual self. Although all parts of you are impacted in a positive way when you care for yourself you may find that some of the items on this list feel more appealing or are more likely things you will actually do. Building a life-giving relationship with yourself is so meaningful and rewarding. All my best to you as you venture toward healing and wholeness.

Going for a walk, run, bike ride

Calling a friend to connect

Taking a bath

Listening to music that inspires you or soothes you

Playing with children or animal




Watching a comedian and laughing


Writing in a journal or creative writing (see my article Writing from Within)

Watching a movie that inspires you

Painting or drawing

Getting a massage

Plan/take a vacation

Take vitamins

Get on a sleep routine

Playing with or without children

Create positive affirmations or mantras you repeat to yourself

There are so many other countless ways you can nurture yourself. The main idea is that you feel a sense of grounding, peace, connection and or vitality from the activity you are doing. When we build a kind and nurturing relationship with ourselves we actively participate in healing and helping ourselves. When are able to and choose to do this, it builds confidence because we have decided to treat ourselves in a way that demonstrates the love and respect we have for ourselves. I warmly invite you to do something life giving for yourself today and to allow yourself to believe that you deserve it.

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